Friday, November 27, 2009

I, me, myself, at 9000ft.

Its been a month since I went there, but I can still feel the chilly wind that seemed to pierce through the various layers I was wearing. It was a perfect weekend getaway, the most perfect I could have ever imagined. The birch-deodar woods, the grass that looked like somebody mows it everyday, the little stream next to our cottage, and just the purity in the air—this is what I wanted to carry back home…

At Dugalbitta, I had enough time and space to sit and dream and do what I liked doing most- spend time with myself, for myself. It seemed like a different planet altogether. So cut-off from the rest of the world, untouched by civilization.I was awestruck throughout about how they managed to get Maggi up to such altitudes. That was our staple diet there for those 4 days we spent there. The best part was that the Maggi we had there was not the usual stuff we get down here in the plains. The cook put some weird spices and stuff and it tasted really different, and good. The woods looked scary in the evening, and the silence echoed in my ears. The cook also told us that bears and jaguars often strayed down the woods into these ‘Bugyaals’ or meadows. Were we scared? Well, when you’re hidden under 5 layers of clothing, a blanket and a Rajai with all the windows and doors shut, you don’t really care whether you’re really scared or not. You just want to feel cosy and warm for the rest of your life!

After trekking up till the peak, of course I had second thoughts about going back there ever. But it was only when I was down in the plains finally that I felt the attractive force of the mountains tugging at my mind and my heart. I had decided that I wanted to go back there, soon, and how and when too. I knew what I missed most and I knew how strong the desire was to go back there…and here I am praying for that day to come soon. Cuz I wont be going there alone. I’ll be going there, with myself.


  1. good one Jyothi...I so feel like getting into the rajai and feel cosy and warm for the rest of my life

  2. You should try going there instead. There hasnt been a more beautiful place I've been to in the 23yrs of my life. I dont mind sacrificing my Rajai to go there now.:-)